Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Technology: Where Does it Belong?

We can't deny it; technology is everywhere! As technology becomes more and more advanced, students are preparing for things that do not even exist yet. Children are arriving at school for the first time knowing more about technology than their parents did at the same age. Yet, technology at school is usually not embraced in the early childhood classroom.

Children's lives are full of technology, whether it be through TV, the computer, or video games. The question is how to integrate their experiences in the classroom so that their work is relevant. Many people think of integrating technology in the classroom as making tasks too easy, or that it will be detrimental to grades and state standards but this is not necessarily true. Technology can be used in a way that promotes strong literacy skills and social/emotional skills. Technology can be integrated in the classroom in a way that still builds key skills. The only difference is that instead of using traditional materials, more modern technologies are used.

For example:
  • Claymation with Photostory allows children to use digital photographs with toys or clay figures*;
  • Storyboarding and live action media allow children to plan, direct and record their own plays*;
  • Use of digital texts such as wikis, classroom blogs, and podcasts*;
  • Activities using mobile, multifunctional, handheld devices in the classroom*;
  • Bring in technology resources that children are already using at home*

*A is for Avatar: Young Children in Literacy 2.0 Worlds and Literacy 1.0 Schools by Karen Wohlwend


  1. You are right: technology is undeniable. Because of this, it is important not to deny our children of it either--especially in the classroom. As you mentioned, we are preparing children for not only all that is out there already, but also for the inevitable inventions that are yet to exist. Providing educators and families with educational forms of technology and media will help everyone understand the benefits of giving our children such opportunities to advance.

  2. I really like your examples of integrating technology into the classroom. Technology is everywhere and children are learning to use it at even younger and younger ages. Technology can be a great tool in the classroom and at home but there needs to be a balance to using technology and learning through hands-on experiences.