Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reflecting on Tweets from the NAEYC Convention

Children's imaginations will wake our own. - Vivian Paley 

I totally agree with this statement. Several times in the class, I am amazed by something the children do that never came to my mind. It is humbling to step back and realize that as the teacher you do not know everything and there are so many opportunities to get inspiration from young children!

Tell me & I'll forget; Show me & I may remember; involve me & I'll Understand by mentormadness

Another great quote that I agree with. Unfortunately, when you enter the elementary grades so much emphasis is put on memorizing with no context or relation to their life. Most of this is forgotten and children struggle with work they consider boring. It is important to involve them in their work and make connections to their lives so that those meaningful experiences will stay with them and really prepare them for school. 

Ability to creatively use what u already know is much more a success predictor than rote memorization by teachermeg

This is so crucial for the future. What we lack in schools now is creativity, which is more closely related to real world experience. There won't always be set answers and we need students prepared to take on that challenge!

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  1. I really loved the quote that you added at the top. I truly believe that we can learn so much from our students in the classroom. Their minds think in a much different way than ours do. If we keep an open mind, we will see that they are so creative and have wonderful ideas to bring into the classroom.